Meat Shop Small Hunting

Online store specializing in the sale of meat of small hunting season

Carnes de Caza Nunez is a family company dedicated to the direct collection of hunting in the field for over 50 years. Our experience has led us to have as providers farms most prestigious of Spain, which is why we can offer pieces of native hunting. We perform collected directly in the field to monitor the quality of all parts, so we can offer them the best. They are conducted directly in refrigerated vehicles to our facilities, where we handle and pack temperature controlled for distribution throughout Europe. creates this store to offer all its customers the best product and the best quality on the market, so that everyone can enjoy the best meat of small game without leaving home.

In our online shop you will:

  • Buy the best pieces of game meat: rabbits, hares, ducks, partridges, pheasants, ...
  • The best packaging for meat quality lose nothing
  • Prepared dishes with the best guarantees
  • A totally free recipe to prepare your own dishes

Meat Food Hunting Highest Quality

Today it is increasingly difficult task to find quality meat within game meat, that unique taste and a freshly hunted bravo ... piece To achieve that unique taste we created our store and be able to give the best quality for get:

  • Presence: top quality red meat
  • Quality and Tenderness: not stale meat, melt in your mouth
  • Tasty meat: the flavors that transports you to the game meat other times
  • Especially your satisfaction: enjoy tasting the best game meat, served with who really deserves it ...
  • Improve every day: every day we try to improve and provide the best products, researching and testing personally, because we are also lovers of this type of product ...